Thursday, October 24, 2019

Abducted from a hotel

This testimony was found on Reddit. All rights goes to the author known as Meeeesta. We can only imagine how traumatic it can be to have two strangers entering your room armed with taser etc.

Not sure if this will be as crazy as the other stories in this sub but I have been to 3 different facilities in my year 17. It started on August 10th, I had some minor substance problems. Smoking weed a few times a day, branching out to lsd, cocaine and of course vaped like a madman.

I was up visiting a college, UMaine to be exact, and my parents were planning on sending me to a boarding school for my senior year of high school after struggling to accept that I’m a daily substance user. I was incredibly depressed at the time though it was impossible to tell considering I was always pumped full of smokable dopamine. Sober moments were the worst. Being left alone to my own thoughts was probably the most terrifying thing for me. Constantly would think about the mistakes I’ve made in my short time on earth. Theft, meaningless relationships, bad grades, and how I was affecting my family.

Ok anyways, It was August 10th 2018, and was up visiting colleges. I was substance-less because I don’t have my drivers license and couldn’t pick anything up before we left. This probably affected my mental state because when I got an invite from a friend who was only a 35 minute drive away I freaked out. I was so happy because he just happened to be in Maine and said he had an ounce on him. I asked my dad and immediately was shut down because he knows my friends are all heavy smokers. After a lot of arguing I said fk it and got out of the car and just started walking. Well that turned into a lot more walking than I expected. With nothing but flip flops I ended up walking 22 miles in 18 hours with tons of breaks and stops at restaurants to ask for tap water (I had no money on me).

I knew the police had it in for me, no way my dad was going to legitimately let me walk all the way to my friends house. So yep, cops caught up with my location eventually and despite my valiant efforts I couldn’t outrun them all. One of them ended up stepping on my flip flop, breaking it, and adding to my myriad amount of blisters from walking with flip flops. I got taken to a psych ward immediately after for “suicidal tendencies” which isn’t even true, my dad probably said that.

Well I was in the ward for 5 days, till August 15th to be exact, and I didn’t get through the program in 5 days that would be really impressive. Instead my parents decided to pull me, I was ecstatic because August 15th actually doubles as my day of birth! I had some chick-fil-a as my first meal out and couldn’t have been happier. We went into our hotel room and I got my phone back. I began texting all of my friends that were worried about me going missing for 5 days. I told them all is well, BIG mistake. 10 minutes after getting my phone my dad leaves the room for what seems like an extreme amount of time.

I look up and bang 2 massive guys are entering my hotel room. So many thoughts rush through my head, my first instinct was that I’m being taken away, I had a feeling but didn’t think they would do this to me ON MY BIRTHDAY! Immediately I clutch my phone tightly and grab the lamp to my left. HELP HELP IM BEING KIDNAPPED, I shouted over and over, people were knocking on the door trying to find out what was going on as I wrestle these behemoths. I ended up destroying as much property as possible over these guys besides the tv, fucking monsters they were, glass bottles didn’t even phase them. Eventually a lady keys the door open to see fat albert sitting on my arm as I continue to clutch my phone. “CALL THE COPS” I tell her knowing it’s a futile effort, I was not going to make this easy, that was my philosophy. Eventually the bigger guy put my arm in such a painful hold I couldn’t bear the pain any more. Thinking back I should’ve let him break my arm. I coughed up my phone and agreed to work with them when the 2nd guy pulled a taser out saying they don’t want to cause any more commotion. I got into the car and willingly flew 5 hours out to Utah.

My parents had sent me to a Wilderness Therapy program on my birthday. Yep, this is my life now I thought as the workers take all of my belongings and zip them up into bags, giving me some used and some new clothes that I would be wearing for the next 60 something days. I’m going to stop this here but if anyone wants to hear about how my wilderness went / how I’m doing today I will make another post.


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