Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shackled in High school in front of classmates (Excel Academy)

Becka Sims writes about how it was to be picked up in her local high school by a policeman moonlighting for the Serenity Rose Ranch - later known as Excel Academy.

I arrive at my career connections class for it only to be disrupted within the first 30 minutes by a police officer in full uniform. He was a very intimidating looking man, and he also had feet shackles in his hands.

Once I saw him, I knew he was in there looking for me because I can see my mother right behind him; my heart full straight up my esophagus and onto my desk. I was simply terrified. My mom pointed to my direction and the officer walked to my desk and got me to my feet in one single swoop for my upper arm. I barely had time to recognize what he was doing to me until I had the shackles on my legs and the handcuffed sorely fastened around my wrists.

As he walked me through the halls of my high school, I was mortified by my fellow peers expressions. I looked and felt completely out of place. Here I am, some blonde hair blue eyed girl in a skirt, polo shirt, and flip-flops being handcuffed and shackled at the wonderful age of 16. I held my tears from falling down my face. As terrified, embarrassed, and helpless as I was, for some odd reason, I couldn't stand to allow anyone else to see me cry.

Once the officer put me in the back of the cop car, tears fell from my eyes like a small monsoon. I demanded the officer to tell me where I was going, and what I was charged with.... He simply responded: you are going to a lock down facility and you won't see your family or friends for two years... Although I didn't believe him at the time, he actually told the truth.

Excel Academy was later forced to abandon their behavior modification model after a policeman was charged and later convicted of taking students down to the local jail where he let the inmates undress the students to scare them straight.

Excel Academy academy on Fornits Wiki
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