Friday, November 1, 2013

Teen Transport center of investigation in California

A program for teenagers called 180 recon is currently under investigations.

An article in Huffington Post states:

The camp kidnaps kids from their homes in the middle of the night, with consent of the parents. According to its website, the "paramilitary" program begins with “breaking [campers] down in order to build them back up." Kids who go there may have a bad attitude, bad grades, use drugs or exhibit violent or disrespectful behavior. Recon 180 is supposed to give teenagers a 180-degree turn in their lives and instill some “good old-fashioned morals,” the site says.

"This isn't a scared straight [SIC]. This is abuse. These kids were seriously injured and this type of stuff needs to stop," LASD Sgt. Dan Scott told ABC.

Does it mean that kidnapping even with the consent of the parents suddenly is regarded illegal in California?

Hopefully it is the case. Fact is that many teenagers are taken from their homes with parental consent. Many in handcuffs and leg restraints even without arrests and convictions of their record. What is going on during these transports is difficult to determine.

It is easy to understand that this may cause lifelong trauma putting a burden on their adult lives.

We can only appeal to the politicians that they outlaw the so-called intervention firms and the nightly kidnappings. If parents have teenagers they believe is out of control they should seek help by the authorities - even if it means placing the child in care of the system.

Edgar Alvarado, Ruben Romero Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Teens At Boot Camp (VIDEO) (The Huffington Post)

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