Monday, October 24, 2016

Thinking back

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It was terrifying. I was woken up by two large men I had never seen before. Nobody else was in the house, I know because my screams for help were met with silence, and when I eventually got outside, I saw that my Father's truck was gone. They forced me, naked, from my bed, and made me stand naked in front of them while they searched my clothes, only allowing me to dress after they handed each article back to me. They stole my cell phone, and I was unable to call my Mother for help. They drove me away under cover of darkness, in a blacked out car, and told me that if I made a scene I would be "dealt with". I still have nightmares of being taken from my bed, and the idea that that could happen to me again plagues my thoughts, even though I've long been an adult. It is also the #1 reason I am a gun owner; I will never allow that to happen to me again. Try and take me, I'm putting a fucking bullet in your head.

Escort experience (Reddit message board)

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