Monday, April 25, 2011

Template for testimonies

We would like to thank you in advance for considering to contribute to this blog. We acknowledge that it will be hard to remember a possible harsh episode in your life.

We can only pray that writing about this may create some solice in your life.

Here is a template with a number of questions which you can use as inspiration of your story.

Before and under the pickup

  • Were there signs which you now know about what was going to happen?
  • From where was you picked up?
  • What time was it when you was taken?
  • Did your parents introduce the transport team?
  • Did you try to resist?
  • Did they use restraints on you?
  • If they used restraints, what were they?
  • Did they use weapon (tazer, spray) on you?

During the transport

  • Did you change mean of transportation?
  • Were there breaks for meals and rest during the transport?
  • Did you wear restraints during the transport?
  • Did they tell you where you was going
  • Did your parents write you a letter to read during the transport

At the arrival at the program

  • How did they hand you over to the program

After returning home

  • Could you ever sleep without being alert?
  • How has the process affected your relationship with your parents?

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