Monday, April 25, 2011

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In this blog we will try to collect testimonies about how teenagers feel when their parents have hired professional transport firms to take them from their bed or off the street into a boot camp, a wilderness program, a treatment facility or a boarding school against their will.

While such firms are known only to operate in the United States, recently there have been examples of such activities in other countries too.

There are a number of methods parents can choose if they are concerned about the lifestyle their underage child might choose. According to a recent rather controversial ruling by the Supreme Court in the United States the parents don't have to prove illness by seeking advice by professionals like hospitals or counselors. They can decide on their own whether they believe that the behavior of their child could justify treatment. Once they decide that they will do that, they might:

  • They can sit down with their child and discuss possible option and then involve their child in the process of finding help
  • They can lure the child to the program on a disguised holiday and then leave their child at the program
  • They can hire a professional transport firm to collect their child from their home at night or on the streets if they child is living outside their home.

This blog will hopefully receive testimonies about how it is to be transported and how this experience has impacted the life of the teenagers later on.

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  1. There should be many more blogs like this one, because this is a huge problem. What is being described would land someone in prison for life if it were being done to an adult, but somehow someone who is a child or teenager gets less (or even no) protection. One of the biggest danger signs is the censorship of mail or phone calls. This only done to hide the truth from parents and society at large. If all these military schools, boarding schools, camps, residential programs, boot camps are so proud of what they're doing, why not let things out in the open? Why not locate in an area with good cell phone service and wifi and let people communicate 24/7? The answer is obvious.
    Linton Hall Cadet