Sunday, January 12, 2014

Father and son sues teen transport firm and wilderness program

An article in Court House News describe how a boy was sent to a wilderness program against the wish of his father. He was eventually freed due to the intervention and legal actions of his father.

From the article:

Andrew Decter was living with his mother in Manhasset, and was about to enter his senior year, where he played tuba in the high school band and was a technical director of the theater program at his high school, his father says in the complaint.

"Andrew has no criminal record and no history of disciplinary problems in school," the complaint states. "Andrew has never had a problem with drugs or alcohol."

But at 5 a.m. on June 20, 2012, Andrew was awakened by three large men - two of them standing over his bed and the other blocking the door to Andrew's bedroom, according to the complaint.

Andrew tried to escape, but "defendants told Andrew his attempts to leave would be fruitless," the complaint states. "The employees, servants and/or agents of the defendants told Andrew they were taking him into custody and taking him out of his home in New York and to the airport so they could transport him to Utah.

"The defendants told Andrew that they would stop any attempt by him to escape.

"Andrew was terrified and feared for his life

It was a normal reaction the boy experienced. The emotional scars from such a transport can take the rest of the boys life to heal.


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