Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Aftermath of having been transported

This testimony has been pieced together by taking 3 statements on Reddit from the same person who had been sent to Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services in Oregon and Eagle Ranch Academy in Utah.

From the "CALO for troubled teens" thread:

Exactly. That physical and mental "takedown" - so to speak - is nothing that can be noticed by parents touring a property, either, which is why it's so easy to rope them in to the idea of it bettering patients.

I was taken on two separate occasions by transporters - the first program was inpatient therapy and was actually really good, the second was residential therapy and was horrible. My relationship with my parents practically was nonexistent once I got out. I moved out before I turned 18 to try and escape the nightmare I returned to at home but maintaining any contact with them caused me to fear being sent away again, no matter how good my behavior stayed. Once I turned 18 and couldn't be sent again, it got a bit better, but I still resent them for all the awful things I experienced and the year or so of my life I lost in confinement.

Extract from the "What's your experience with programs for "troubled teens"?" thread:
The second place I attended was awful. I was driven from Oregon to St. George, Utah in the back of a cramped car, not fed or taken to a bathroom the entire trip, and teased and mocked the duration of the ride. When I got there, I was so dehydrated and disoriented, that when they asked me to urinate for the drug test, I could not. I was then made to stand in front of my "pod" - group, team, whatever - and drink bottles of water repeatedly while the other students and staff mocked me until I was able to provide a sample for the test. I was threatened that, if I didn't produce urine when I finally had to go to the bathroom, the staff member taking me to test would beat me until I passed out in a puddle of my own piss - a great first day, right?

Question and answer on the "Parents who expect you to look on your time in these facilities as a good thing?" thread:
I went through the book: "Janice's journey" a couple of months ago. I was astounded that transporters like those are allowed. The book is not best english work I have written but the author is also an European who lived most of her life abroad. Did they use restraints on you during the transport. WWASP related transport firms often do that.
Yes, restraints, they carried tazers, and seemed to very much enjoy roughing me up. It's insane that parents pay for these goons to come and kidnap their kids.

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