Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Avoid Abduction (From:

TeenLiberty has provide 3 good advices to use if you are put in a situation where two strangers wake you at night to take you to some unknown "treatment" program:

  1. JUST CRY RAPE. If you are taken from home, school, or on the street, by "bounty hunters" or so-called "escorts" and find yourself in a public place, such as an airport, just cry RAPE! The authorities will act first to protect you, and ask questions later. You're heading for private incarceration by your parents. Tell the authorities your Right to Due-Process has been violated and ask for a lawyer to represent you. Meet with the lawyer. Sign papers that permit the lawyer to represent you.

  2. FILE EMANCIPATION PAPERS. If you are of the age of EMANCIPATION in your state, pay a lawyer to file Emancipation papers for you. This may be a very simple procedure. It may require that you show that you are able to support yourself. In some states, the legal age is 16. -- One teen who was diagnosed as ADHD hired a medical professional to conduct another test. This "second opinion" showed he was not ADHD. Fearing that he would be "disappeared" by his parents, he paid a lawyer to emancipate him, at age 16. -- He was given a job by friends and moved across the country. "Now," he writes, "I'm living 3,000 miles away from my parents and we're closer than ever!"

  3. NOTIFY THE POLICE. If you fear that you will be sent away against your will, legal experts advise another option: write a statement saying that if you are sent away ("disappeared") it will be done against your will and you will fight to protect yourself and to prevent this from happening. This is not assault and battery. You are defending your life. You have a right to defend yourself from harm. The document should be sent, or hand-delivered, to your local police or county sheriff's department. A copy should be given to a trusted friend and if possible, a lawyer. It should also include all contact information, including your name, telephone number, home address, and city. Parents are often advised by the behavior modification camps and boarding schools to let things calm down.... to catch you off guard. Stay alert. Maintain contact with your local child protection authorities. They will keep a file and record your concerns and fears. This may become part of a future Court hearing that will support your point-of-view.

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