Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Age of consent does mean something if you get the chance to alarm the authorities

Several states disallow involuntary treatment of teenagers aged 16 and 17. One such state is South Carolina. Here teenagers age 17 can prevent involuntary treatment by alarming the authorities. Then a court has to decide whether treatment is needed securing the teenager minimum human rights.

Some parents are not aware of these laws when they hire youth transport firms to transport their children out of state to a place where there are fewer human rights for the teenagers. If the teenager becomes aware of the transport the teenager can seek legal protection by the authorities. If the teenager is discovered and liberated by the police during the transport, the teenager can sue the parents and the youth transport firm for unlawful arrest.

However many youth transport firms restrain the teenager and prevent them from alerting anyone because they operate during the night and the teenager is prevented from using any kind of communication devices before it is too late and the teenager has left the case.

In other cases the teenager is lured out of the state as part of a disguised holiday. On the Internet one such case found was the disappearance of Miss Parker from Corvallis. The family returned from a holiday without the teenager.

The friends were alarmed but the damage had been done. The legal protection the teenager might had got inside Oregon was not in place in Arizona which is a state were both boot camps, boarding schools and wilderness programs operates and children have lost their lives while they were involuntary placed in such a place.

The laws must be altered so the authorities can order a teenager returned to the home state for a hearing as soon as it is discovered that a teenager is missing. Otherwise the legal protection is of no or little use.


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